Welcome to my world.

Hi ! Welcome to sharing my thoughts ideas and observations I have accumulated over a period of  seven decades . Some of my thoughts you will agree with and some you wont . Luckily we all see the world through different eyes . If we didn't I believe it would be a pretty boring life.  

The problem is the difficulty we have in coming to the under standing that how each person sees things is how it is for them .

Neither is right or wrong just different. 

Consider this;  

A colour-blind person will see colours differently than one who is not colour blind. Are both wrong? Is one right and the other is wrong? Or are both right? The answer is that they are
experiencing the evidence of their own reality for whatever soul agenda they have. 

Both are perfectly valid, and truth be told, even the one who is not colour blind does not see all the colours and vibrancy that is really out there. So is their version of reality any truer?

And yet with this knowledge and understanding we still want to argue that we are right and the other wrong.

Even with shades in colour because we all see them slightly different , I have heard people arguing if a colour at the edge of the spectrum was green or blue.