Imagine you are sailing alone in unknown waters. In the dark of night your boat strikes an unknown object and is sinking rapidly. Luckily a small inflatable life raft is within your reach. Your immediate reaction is to grab this and abandon ship. When you hit the water there is only one thing on your mind SURVIVAL.        


Dawn breaks and in the distance you see a land mass you assume is an island. Your survival instincts have you immediately start paddling toward it. Survival is the only need you have at this time. If only you could have your feet on hard ground , you would be grateful for ever more ` 


Eventually you draw closer to land , you feel certain you are going to make it alive.  As your panic begins to settle you realize how thirsty you are. The closer you get to the island the more aware you become of your thirst. By the time your feet meet the sand you are desperate to find water.     

You find water and drink copiously.  Then you immediately start wondering if there is a source of food. 


These are more physiological needs. After we have assured our selves there is a source of food on our island we would turn our mind to shelter for warmth and security. In the world today for some people this is as far as their personal growth gets  . Their day is occupied seeking food and shelter. Thinking beyond this is an impossible dream.