Dr. Neel Burton MD.

  According to Neel Burton MD personality disorders may differ from mental disorders like schizophrenia and bipolar but by definition they  lead to significant impairment. They are estimated to affect about 10 per  cent of people, although this figure ultimately depends on where clinicians draw the line  on what is considered ‘normal’ .

With this in mind and our personal belief in most cases that we are normal any person with a varying personality must have a disorder and needs fixing.


Neel says " By definition BP leads to an impermanent . " But in reality has the label been coined up by experts who are struggling to define it as a mental disorders,. Many of these symptoms are now seen as personality traits. Do normal people fall into the  area of what is now termed BP?  No. But what is normal?   Normal means average. Most people displaying BP  traits are far from average. This is a double edged sword . It is both an asset and a liability.


REACH OUT AUSTRALIA offers guidance and assistance on Borderline Personalities. It lists symptoms to  consider There is no doubt most people will have at least some of the so called symptoms so don't be alarmed. Remember having a border line personality  although depicted as a problem may in fact be an asset.

self.https://au.reachout.com/articles/borderline-personality-disorder Every person who does this test will find they have at least some of these traits.