If a belief may not be true why would we believe it? Well unfortunately or fortunately when our subconscious mind accepts something as being true,we have difficulty in accepting , or convincing ourselves  that it is not. Often there is over whelming evidence to say something is true but our subconscious refuses to allow us to believe it . 

Our definition of a belief is something we believe . It does not have to be right and it may well be wrong but if we accept it as a truth it can help or hinder


At the circus elephants used to be tethered to chains staked into the ground so they could not escape. After a period of time chained to the ground the elephant after many attempts believes it can not escape. This thought is cemented in his subconscious. From that point on he can be tied with a light bit of string. As this tightens on his leg his sub conscious reminds him he cannot escape and a so he makes no effort to do so. It is a belief he has that is not true.


 We all have inhibiting chains which restrict our ability to live life in harmony or to achieve the things in life we dream of. The actions we take are governed by our beliefs. Whether these beliefs are right or wrong , real or unreal it doesn't matter, to us they are truths and like the thin piece of string that holds the elephant , they hold us in the place we are in as surely as the steel bars of a prison would. 


One of the most empowering beliefs I have come across is that offered by Thom Bond a teacher skilled in the art of  Non Violent Communication. He suggests we take on board the belief (be it right or wrong) that all human acts are made in an effort to fill our needs


 When I first read this I thought that is obvious and dismissed it for many months until finally after hearing it many more times its value dawned on me. Now I no longer get upset when people say or do things which would have previously upset or angered me. I realize they are only trying to fill needs and they believe what I have said or done is either denying them this opportunity or they have misunderstood my intent. Further peaceful communication was needed to clarify


By taking this belief on board I can look at things people do or say in a new light. That is their needs are not being met and often they believe I am  responsible. In any case I can observe the actions through a different lens.

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