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For the world to live in harmony one could assume the answer would need be the acceptance that we all have different needs and values. 

Many people are aware of this but find it difficult to accept and respect these  principles when they differ from their own.


When we say "we all see things differently "  quickly it sounds like an obvious statement. 

I became totally intrigued  when I had it demonstrated to me just how differently we all do experience things . 

When I say experience I am referring to  how or why we respond when one of our major sensory receptors witness or experience  anything at all be it through our sense of sight,smell, hearing,touch or taste.


 Les Giblin warned if I was like most people when I started my journey of self discovery  I would more than likely   self defeat as everything sounds so obviously simple. He said most are inclined to say  subconsciously  "I know all that" or "I've heard all this before. " He was right . 

In reality I found in time it was my subconscious resisting the changes I needed to make to make my life  more wonderful.


At the moment I am closer to eighty than I am to seventy. I have spent most of this time trying to work out why it is so difficult for the whole universe to live in harmony. Each time the answer seems obvious a new dimension appears. Over the years I have spent many thousands of dollars talking with experts one on one or at seminars . I have read thousands of books but since the internet has appeared on the scene information is much easier to source but it has become difficult to sort fact from fiction. 

Each of the studies of successful people (if their is such a person ) have all given descriptions of actions they have taken to succeed in their specific field of interest .When i have broken this down , of recent i have come to the conclusion the key factor in all cases was they had all learnt the benefits  empathy  brought to the table.

Over the years i have ignored this factor as I have studied their different strategies. My recent learning has been from following the works of Marshall Rosenberg PhD. who talks of a language he calls "the language of life" or Non Violent Communication and how empathy is the key to life. 

His strategy was one I learnt in the sales arena but I did not see the value of it in the game of life so apart from when I moved into selling mode I seldom made use  of it. His words had me examine exactly what Empathy was  . I had no idea. At first I thought it was a similarity to sympathy . Was I surprised when I looked further into it.

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