At this point of time most of us are either convinced what we think--- is right or someone has convinced us we have no idea about how things are and we need listen to them or seek professional help. For the world to live in harmony one could assume the answer would need be the acceptance that we all have different needs and values. 


When we say "we all see things differently "  quickly it sounds like an obvious statement. I became totally intrigued  when I had it demonstrated to me just how differently we all see things . When I say see  I am referring to  how or what  we experience when one of our major sensory receptors witness or experience  anything at all be it through our sense of sight,smell, hearing,touch or taste.


I learnt from Les Giblin if I was like most people when I started my journey of self discovery  I would most likely self defeat as it sounds so simple. He said most are inclined to say  subconsciously  "I know all that" or "I've heard all this before. " He was right . In reality I found in time it was the subconscious resisting the changes I needed to make to make my life move from where it stood stationary.   



Way back in the mid 1960's I started a  teaching career. As a teacher I became concerned about the way many of the children were being diagnosed with a range of physiological complaints and put on medication because they did not perform or behave in what was considered an acceptable manner. I noticed that most of these children had a similar outlook on life which did not include sitting in a class room listening to an adult telling them what they should and should not do. . I lasted a couple of years and left to grow and market flowers. I never got that far I started growing and marketing tomatoes instead.

In the last five or six decades things have changed very little in schools except there are more labels and more medications available to change  what is perceived as unacceptable behavior. All though now days many of these assumed mental problems are being put under the one umbrella referred to as the person adult or child as having a Border Line Personality . A personality that is different to those some consider normal. 

I believe these labels and the use of the Internet have made it possible for us to assume because a person does not see the world through the same eyes as the majority do there must be something wrong with them. (Remember the majority of people thought the world was flat and often those who suggested it was round found themselves in goals, asylums or worse still burnt at the stake  More and more I am hearing and seeing people suggesting their children or partner have a Border Line Personality. Teachers are often suggesting children who do not behave in the manner they believe they should  are asked to seek medical advice. Immediately creating trauma for the parents.

Through internet diagnosis we can now pass any of our downfalls off as being a mental problem of our partner , dismiss  our parenting and teaching down falls  as being a mental problem of the child and medicate them until they a so quietened down they fit the mold of what the teacher or parent wants . 

Dr.Elaine Aron Ph.D   To the rescue