At this point of time most of us are either convinced what we think--- is right or someone has convinced us we have no idea about how things are and we need listen to them or seek professional help. For the world to live in harmony one could assume the answer would need be the acceptance that we all have different needs and values. 


When we say "we all see things differently "  quickly it sounds like an obvious statement. I became totally intrigued  when I had it demonstrated to me just how differently we all see things . When I say see  I am referring to  how or what  we experience when one of our major sensory receptors witness or experience  anything at all be it through our sense of sight,smell, hearing,touch or taste.


I learnt from Les Giblin if I was like most people when I started my journey of self discovery  I would most likely self defeat as it sounds so simple. He said most are inclined to say  subconsciously  "I know all that" or "I've heard all this before. " He was right . In reality I found in time it was the subconscious resisting the changes I needed to make to make my life move from where it stood stationary.   


With the new concepts available in social media there is a new phenomena sweeping the world in mental health. We are all becoming experts in the art of diagnosing mental illness. Not so much our own mental health but the health of those we associate and form relationships with . 

It appears now there is a world wide epidemic of mental illness starting with boarder line personalities  through narcissists to psychopaths we can now excuse our actions by diagnosing any person who disagrees with us or acts in a way we dislike as falling some where in this range.